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Vona Case study

Revitalizing Home Fashion Brand


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Vona operates in the female home wear industry, which is a highly competitive and constantly evolving industry. Consumers are always looking for unique and stylish home wear options that reflect their personal tastes and lifestyle. When they approached us, we begin by gathering relevant data about this industry and found that it’s highly competitive, with many established brands competing for market share. This made it challenging for Vona to stand out and gain visibility. The main target audience for the campaign was Class B females only, which made it challenging to reach a large audience. The brand faces limited brand awareness as it was a relatively unknown brand, which made it challenging to gain traction and establish a strong brand identity.


Despite facing several challenges, our digital marketing campaign for Vona was highly successful in achieving the client’s objectives of increasing brand awareness, improving branding, positioning, and increasing sales. Our comprehensive strategy, including the development of a new website, social media presence, and media buying strategies, resulted in impressive results for Vona.


  • Web Development
  • Social Media Strategy \ Ideation
  • Campaign Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Content Strategy \ Messaging
  • Media buying Strategy

The Beginning

We used a design thinking approach in our work here. Start with generating ideation proposals, and we provide Vona with the most effective marketing solutions tailored to match their needs and goals.

The main goals of the campaign were to increase brand awareness, improve branding and positioning, and ultimately increase sales. The target market was females in Class B who are interested in home wear. These women are typically aged between 18: 45 and are interested in stylish and unique home wear options.

The strategy approach

We begin our process by identifying the most promising steps to To achieve Vona’s business objectives. Starting developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included creating a new website for Vona and optimizing it for search engines. Also working on developing a strong social media presence for Vona, with a focus on Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, we needed to implement media buying strategies to target the right audience and increase brand exposure.

The Action

Once the strategies have been finalized, we moved on to implementation. Our team works diligently to bring all of these marketing solutions to life, using cutting-edge techniques and tools to deliver impactful results. Our team implemented the following actions:

  • Created a new website that was optimized for search engines and provided an excellent user experience and high-quality images.
  • Developed strong social media calendars for Vona, with a focus on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Implemented media buying strategies to target the right audience and increase brand exposure.

Throughout all the implementation stages, we continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our solutions, making any necessary adjustments to optimize performance and ensure that Vona’s marketing objectives are being met

The Results

After tracking the performance of our marketing campaigns and measuring your ROI Vona saw impressive results, including:

  • Increased brand awareness: Through its digital marketing efforts, we were able to significantly increase Vona’s brand awareness, making it a much more recognizable name in the female home wear industry.
  • Improved branding and positioning: our efforts also helped Vona to improve its branding and positioning, which helped to differentiate it from competitors and establish a unique identity.
  • Increased sales and revenue: Thanks to the increased brand awareness and improved branding and positioning, Vona was able to increase its sales and revenue significantly







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