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The Power of Digital Marketing: How Lo2ta Achieved Over 250% Growth


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Here is a different and unique client with an unusual target audience for fashion retailers in Egypt. Despite having 19 stores, he faced a big challenge to achieve his target and compete with the other brands, his target audience is the classes from C and B, and B+ that want affordable branded clothing without compromising on quality.


Our 3C marketing strategy of Community, Content, and Commerce helped the client significantly increase brand awareness, trust, and prestige, driving tremendous business growth. Engagement, followers, and website traffic increased, enabling the opening of 7 new retail locations, order growth, and higher order values. The strategy established the brand as a trusted, reliable fashion brand in Egypt, attracting more customers and increasing revenue. Additionally, a strengthened social media presence connected the brand to target audiences, building a loyal customer community.


  • Opening Stores Ideas
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Set the brand tone and voice
  • Content strategy
  • Reels Production
  • Photo Production
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Media buying Strategy
  • Creating new website

The Beginning

The different and unique client with an unusual target audience for fashion retailers in Egypt decided to call us to achieve his targets in expanding their reach, increasing sales, and establishing themselves as a trusted fashion retailer. after that, we started our research in this industry to set the meeting with the marketing strategy that fit his goal, and our creative team started brain storming to collect the best ideas after the research and ideas collecting, we were ready to set the meeting

The Concept

We’ve built a loyal community of customers by developing a social media strategy to make a connection between the brand and its target audience, We implemented the 3C theory, which centered on connecting content, community, and commerce. we have created suitable content that attracts customers and big media plans that helps us to reach the biggest audience ever from the target audience. we’ve collaborated with influencers and famous vloggers.

Our team ran several creative design campaigns and store opening ideas to generate interest and attract more customers, creating a buzz around the brand and its offerings

result 01
the result02
result 03

The Results

The results of our 3C strategy were nothing short of astounding. Through our efforts, the brand experienced remarkable digital marketing results, including a surge in engagement, followers, and website traffic. The brand’s growth was unprecedented, with the opening of 7 new stores, an impressive surge in orders, and an unprecedented increase in order value.

Our 3C strategy empowered the brand to establish itself as a reliable and trusted fashion brand in Egypt. By connecting content, community, and commerce, we created an environment for the brand to engage with its target audience effectively. This helped to attract more customers, boost revenue, and establish the brand as a reliable and trusted fashion







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