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Lit and glow

Achieving Double Revenue and Brand Positioning in Beauty & cosmetics industry


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The cosmetics and beauty industry is a hugely competitive industry, and there are many brands has big names in the market, to join with them you have to give great value, our partner was seeking to put his name there and build a loyal community of customers to his brand, and his target audience the females from classes A and B in Cairo, It’s a hard segmentation, and that was a big challenge, so how to create a strategy that fit this case, and our partner want to double his revenue which is an ambitious goal that requires a comprehensive marketing approach.


With a targeted and comprehensive marketing strategy, that focused on Social media activation, influencer partnerships, and customer journey mapping our team
managed successfully to achieve our client’s business objectives and meet the challenges of standing out in a
competitive market. Our campaign results increased the website traffic to 30%, and Social media engagement to
a 50% increase in revenue and a 60% increase in clinic visits. The brand now has a better positioning in the market and the target audience has a lifetime trust in the brand.


  • Creating Website
  • Designing Customer Journey
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Reels Production
  • Video Production
  • Photo Shoots
  • Media buying Strategy

The Beginning

Our client here is a beauty and cosmetics clinic with two locations in Cairo. They teamed up with us to create a digital marketing strategy that serves their business objectives. Which are to increase brand awareness, build trust, position the brand, drive traffic to the clinics, double revenue, and increase engagement. So our strategic and creative team comes together to design outstanding marketing solutions that are both original and effective.

We started with designing a strategy that focuses on social media activation, including reels, video production, and photo shooting. Also mapping out the customer journey and creating a content strategy that is engaging and informative.

“In terms of marketing and e-commerce, 3C has significantly impacted our business. They have been with us from the beginning of the project. Their support has enabled us to grow and scale our business, and they are always available to assist”
Mahmoud ElSaadany
CEO at Lit & Glow

The Actions

Throughout the implementation stage, we created a social media presence for our client here depending on reels and videos to showcase the clinics and their services. Then we began to add photoshoots to get closer details. We also started to hire influencers who have a large following in our target demographic to get more reach and engagement. On the other hand, we develop a user-friendly and visually appealing e-commerce website that reflects the brand’s image. The very next step was investing in media buying to increase the reach of our content.

Lit and glow result 1
Lit and glow result 2
Lit and glow result 3
Lit and glow result 4


After tracking the performance of each marketing activity we have done for our client, we found that our actions successfully lead to an increase the website traffic to 30%, and Social media engagement to a 50% increase in revenue and a 60% increase in clinic visits, exceeding the initial business objectives. And the brand now has its own effective positioning in the beauty and cosmetics market. Also the target audience’s trust in the brand increases. the campaign was a resounding success and our client’s need was met and exceeded.







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