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Reading on the Go: How 3C Helped A5der Mobile App Expand to the Gulf Area and Achieve Over 6M+ App


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A5der is an innovative way to learn and earn knowledge, as they come up with the idea of summarized audiobooks to make knowledge easier for everyone

knowledge easier for everyone. The challenge for A5der was people were not familiar with this idea, as it was innovative, also the market of mobile apps is highly competitive. A5der objectives were to increase brand awareness and positioning and expand their reach to the target audience of book lovers who have limited time to read, here in Egypt and the Gulf area. Lastly, they needed to optimize their search engine and app store presence to increase visibility and downloads. The real challenges here were to achieve all of this while maintaining cost-effectiveness and maximizing ROI.


The comprehensive strategy that we developed helped A5der overcome the challenges of a highly competitive market and achieve its objective of expanding its reach and growing its business. We managed successfully to increase brand awareness, branding, and positioning, expanding their reach to the Gulf area, and achieving over 6 million app installations.


  • Web Maintenance & Development
  • Social Media Strategy \ Ideation
  • Campaign Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Content Strategy \ Messaging
  • Media buying Strategy
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Reels Production
  • Video Production
  • Photo Shoots

The Beginning

A5der as a pioneering platform in the Middle East was facing so many challenges since day one. The first was brand awareness as it is an outstanding idea, so they needed to build a new loyal audience for the application. to achieve their goals here, we begin by gathering relevant data, such as market trends, consumer behavior, and industry insights. Then Our strategic team analyzes this information to gain a deep understanding. And we started to put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for A5der, which included 2 stages.

The Execution

Our First Stage Was “Enhance the Original Reach” This goal has been achieved by working on the following:

  • Improving the performance of the YouTube channel by adopting new techniques for (Video Content, Descriptions, Strong search keywords, Etc..)
  • Develop content according to new SEO rules, that are more professional than the old used techniques.
  • Considering Google’s logarithm reading systems
  • Enhance ASO optimization. (App Store Optimization)
  • Deliver more valuable and effective content for social media platforms.

Our Second Stage Was “Increase Acquisition” We worked on increasing customer acquisition by:

  • Reach more users by the targeted Paid ADS.
  • Enhance the original reach through SEO & content marketing.
  • Expanding the number of active users by notification Campaigns.
  • Keeping users in touch with the App by E-mail Campaigns.
  • Attracting the Gulf user who can pay for the app’s services to boost the App’s financial income.
  • Using DPR campaigns and encouraging influencers to share their experience using the App
  • Enhance paid subscriptions through all marketing channels (website, App, Social media, YouTube, Etc…)

“It has been a great pleasure to work with 3C to increase our platform’s reach throughout the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. In addition, they have helped us improve the performance of our external pages, such as those on Facebook and YouTube, as well as the activity rate within our mobile application.”
Mohamed Ossama
Co-Founder And CEO at A5de

The Results

The digital marketing efforts were highly successful, resulting in over 6 million app installations. A5der was able to increase brand awareness, branding, and positioning, and expand their reach to the Gulf area.

A5der has entered a completely different Business area, and the following numbers will tell you a lot.











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