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From Amazon to Independent Success: This is How we help our client to Achieve Significant Business Growth


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The challenge for our client here was to transition from selling on Amazon to selling directly on their website while maintaining or increasing their level of success. They also struggled to increase brand awareness, positioning, and sales through digital marketing efforts.


Incredibly, the selling funnel generated a 7 ROAS. And an increase in orders to 7M+. Our digital marketing strategy helped the tech Store to achieve significant business growth, Through social media activation, influencer marketing, and video content, our client was able to engage with its target audience and increase brand awareness, our client also was able to expand its product offerings and sell across all of Egypt.


  • Web Designing & Maintenance
  • SEO Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy \ Ideation
  • Campaign Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Media buying Strategy
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Reels Production
  • Video Production

The Beginning

In the past few years, things have been booming for the Tech industry. And our client is a tech store that was looking to start selling from its website rather than selling its products via Amazon. Our client wanted to do that while maintaining the same level of success as they had on Amazon. Their business objective was to increase awareness, branding, and positioning. They targeted Classes A and B, mostly men aged between 20:40 years old.

To help achieve their goals, they hired us to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. We gathered our team to make an in-depth strategy session. Our plan that included social media activation, creating reels and videos, hiring influencers, and following social media trends. We also focused on improving the customer journey, optimizing SEO, and maintaining the website.

The Actions

Throughout the implementation stage, our creative and technical expertise did several actions to achieve its objectives, such as creating engaging social media content including product demonstrations, Unboxing videos, and customer testimonials to generate conversation around the brand, Moreover, we partnered with influential lifestyle and tech personalities to create product reviews and unboxing videos that showcased the products’ features. Through our strategic media buying efforts, we placed advertisements on relevant platforms, which helped drive sales. The creative content and designs developed positioned the brand as a premium tech reseller, attracting high-income customers interested in its products.

The Results

By partnering with 3C, our client was able to successfully transition from selling on Amazon to selling on their own website with significant business growth. And through our digital marketing efforts, our client achieved a 7x ROAS and saw orders increase to 6M+. They were also able to add new products and sell across all of Egypt.







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