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3C Communications & It’s services

who are we

3C Communication is a marketing agency that started in 2014 as a full-service creative agency, providing a wide range of technical services, and almost all aspects of marketing, advertising both online and offline to +500 companies in 8 countries. 

We rely on highly complex and private strategies which are mainly based on focusing on the people and building a good reputation and loyalty between our clients and their audience.


Our Services

1 – Digital marketing: 

At 3C Communication, we offer a large package of digital marketing services that meet the highest professional standards of helping a brand gets advertised for business purposes whether online or offline, also We offer a roaster of web and traditional promotions solutions to clients from varied industries

Digital marketing is main our game, we have our very own technical experience, tricks, ways, and solutions that will surely enable you to grow and succeed.

Our creative teams create all the marketing content types and make our unique visuals.

in addition to that, we have the most successful media buyers in the town, who will make you reach behind the sky, and SEO experts which will put you at the top.

2 – Branding: 

We practice a marketing approach of specialization in enhancing a brand name. Through our symbolic and practical methodology, we define the identity of a brand in which we identify and differentiate your product from other products. With our effective brand strategists, we give you a major effect to put your brand on the right track. 

We make plans with high efficiency to promote your Brand’s name. 

With our efficient and practical methodology, we create your brand identity and put your product/service in the spotlight and differentiate it from others.

Through our proprietary strategies, we make your brand more popular and give you a huge impact to put your brand on the right track.

3 – Video ads production: 

We know that you are looking for impressive corporate videos that attract your audience and turn them into customers. Have now a Wow effect of videos with 3C Communication. If you’re launching a new restaurant or even a small shop, we cover all your needs with killer Video visuals. 3C Communication is an online multimedia production house that provides you with unique and custom-made videos that help you launch effective campaigns. 

You should know that Ads videos are one of the most important methods of attracting and influencing the audience, you need professionals to make them for you.

Now get stunning video campaigns with 3C Communication creative team, who can think creatively to find the crazy ideas that will make your campaigns attractive and successful. 

Whether you are launching a new restaurant or even a convenience store we will cover all your needs with great, effective, and quick impact video campaigns.


4 – Digital Public Relation: 

We apply the highest techniques of digital PR as an online marketing strategy that enhances your online presence. We work with a network of journalists, bloggers, and influencers. We also create and publish online press releases to gain high-quality backlinks, and social media mentions, and improve your brand with regard to SEO professional rules.  

We adopt digital PR as a marketing strategy that enhances your online presence.

We have a large network of journalists, bloggers, and influencers that we can mobilize to move your business forward.

We also create and publish online press releases to get high-quality backlinks and targeted mentions from major pages and platforms to your social media, which improves your brand image as well as increases footfall and awareness.

5 – Online reputation management (ORM):

We manage full strategies of ORM in which we work on adopting a defense wall against any harmful attacks the brand may face.  

6 – E-Commerce services: 

We offer full E-commerce services in which we build a structural presence for selling your goods or services via the internet. 

We offer a completely different e-commerce experience, as we build for our customers an effective and robust structural presence to sell their goods and services online